Ice Cream Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Classic Method

Discover a wide variety of ice cream bases, pastes and variegone to create authentic Italian ice cream in unlimited flavors and different textures.

Gelato - The Concept

Complete mixes for the preparation of authentic handmade ice cream with a wonderful homemade taste, velvety texture and extremely easy and fast way of preparation. Discover a variety of classic, traditional, as well as modern flavors to equip your ice cream display case and satisfy even your most demanding customers.


It contains all necessary products in a box to create a final application.

Soft Ice Cream SOFT CONE

Mix in powder form for making machine ice cream in two delicious, rich flavors, vanilla and chocolate. With excellent bulking. It sets easily, and has a homogeneous, creamy texture and appearance and balanced sweetness.

Toppings, copertures and decorations

Discover a variety of ice cream toppings, copertures and decorations to add textures and extra flavor to your ice cream.

Water Mixes

Complete mixes for creating ice cream, only with the addition of water. Discover vegan and sugar-free options.