Wholegrain grissini

With fortified wholegrain Dinkel flour.


Group Weight / Volume
Dinkel Vollkorn Extra 3.500 g
Margarine Princess 550 g
Sugar 550 g
Oil 760 g
Salt 50 g
Baking soda 33 g
Regal (baking powder) 50 g
Moustafini (inverted sugar syrup, with dark caramel colour and raisin taste) 50 g
Water 1.050 gr


Use the flat beater to mix all the ingredients together at low speed for 4 minutes and then switch at medium speed for 3-4 minutes.

Cut the dough into preferable portions.

Mould and decorate with sesame.

Bake at 220°C without steam for 16-18 minutes.

Wholegrain Grissini