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Panna cotta:
The story of
an Italian dessert

What is the favorite, Italian dessert whose name means “cooked cream”? Panna cotta of course!

A refreshing sweet, wonderful for the summer months. You can serve it either with fresh fruit, or with chocolate, caramel and fruit sauce.
What is the story behind this creamy dessert and how do we enjoy it today;
Keep reading to find out!

History of panna cotta

Panna cotta with strawberry sauce and fresh strawberries on the side, on white background

The origin of panna cotta is uncertain: recipe books say it's a traditional Piedmont dessert, which dates back to the early 1900s. According to a legend, it was first made by a Hungarian lady in Langhe, Italy.
It is also said that back in the day, northern Italians used broth made from fish bones to thicken it. Today of course we just use gelatin sheets.
The earliest evidence of its modern existence dates back to the 1960s, when Ettore Songia, star chef at the restaurant "i tre citroni", was the first to add the recipe, as we know it today, on the menu. In northern Europe, on the other hand, recipe books date it much older, specifically to the Middle Ages. In some European countries you can find variations very similar to Piedmont's dessert: in Denmark Hwit Moos, in Hungary Krémes and in France Blanc Manger.
In Greece it is known by the Italian name panna cotta and is famous for its rich and creamy taste. As you know, this dessert is enjoyed by many after a heavy meal since it is light and tasty!

Panna cotta today

Today pannacotta continues to be made based on the traditional recipe with cream, milk, sugar, vanilla and gelatin. But the most creative pastry chefs don't stop there! Aromas, fruit sauces, chocolate and anything else that can give it a playful look and taste can be added to the basic recipe.

Pannacotta with coffee sprinkled and a coffee bean on top      Pannacotta in a glass with purple covering and lavender decorations

Some add coffee to give it a more intense flavor, while others add aromas such as lavender, rose or pomegranate for floral aroma and summer flavor.

On the other hand, some choose to keep the traditional recipe but give it a look that will catch the eye. Behold the slant panna cotta.

Pannacotta in a glass made sideways with mango coulis

Finally, a special idea with coconut aroma and special look is the Coconut Pannacotta created by our pastry chefs.

Round shaped pannacotta with mango fruitful in the middle and sprinkled with coconut

With our new Pannacotta Mix, you get the authentic taste of pannacotta with ease since it only requires the addition of milk. Try it today and leave the best impression on your customers!

Panna cotta: The story of an Italian dessert