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Bapacho: open
your online
shop today

How about the ease of selling your quality products online, without the hassle of creating and promoting your own website? Bapacho offers you just that, and more.

To support our customers in these challenging times, we now offer Bapacho: our online solution that enables local small and medium sized Bakeries, Patisseries and Chocolateries to easily create their own online shop. With a strong emphasis on local support for this free-of-charge service.

Bapacho offers consumers the security of fresh products without queuing. The Bapacho online app enables consumers to easily find and order your products locally, online and directly with you. They can pay either online or in the shop and make use of pick up or delivery, that’s up to you. Bapacho gives you insights on how much and what to bake and to prepare and at the same time, minimizing your waste in the process. Bapacho is at the heart of running a profitable bakery. It supports you to be in full control and at the same time have the professional support of Zeelandia.

Bapacho as a free of charge service and is designed based on the needs and wants of our customers. These insights resulted in an easy and user-friendly service offering a high level of flexibility. Customer centricity is an important element of Bapacho. We offer dedicated local customer support as well as hyperlocal marketing efforts to help you reach more customers.

Open you online shop today!
Onboarding is really easy. Find out all about it, our simply follow the steps on

Bapacho: open your online shop today