Bread Stories: Greek bread flavors by Sefco Zeelandia

Sefco Zeelandia made an impression with the bakery open day that took place in the demo center in Thessaloniki , on the 24th and 25th of May.

The experienced bakers presented impressive applications with the company's innovative mixes for bread and snacks. The new bread mix "Mesogeiako"  impressed with its authentic taste and aroma of Greece,thanks to its character and sourdough notes. Also, "Krithino" made an excellent impression with its plenty selection of sweet and savory baked applications. Of course, the company showed some other favorite products such as Eusporo, Panomix Roggopan, but also the innovative liquid acidifier Amore L100 and Amore P Durum sourdough.

Sefco Zeelandia continues to demonstrate its leadership in the sector, offering innovative solutions for bakery professionals.


Bread Stories: Greek bread flavors by Sefco Zeelandia