Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2019

A diamond of the Greek economy

Sefco Zeelandia has been awarded and distinguished in the ceremony “Diamonds of the Greek economy 2019” on July 10th at Grand Bretagne Hotel Athens, as one of the most profitable enterprises in Greece, based on specific economic indicators and criteria. It was a great honor for us to be among the best developing companies of our country and a reward for our efforts and achievements.

Sefco Zeelandia and many other companies came out stronger after a long recession and prove that they can take the Greek economy to the bright side of enterpreneurship. Our performance reveals that we always remain inventive, courageous, responsible, ambitious and involved. It is more than obvious that our team never seizes to exceed expectations and our inspiration motivates us to offer remarkable opportunities to our customers.

In his speech the President and CEO of Sefco Zeelandia, Theodore Batis, dedicated this award to all the employees for their passion and professionalism. By thinking differently today we create tomorrow’s bakery success.


Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2019