Sefco Zeelandia suggests 

“Snack Suggestions for Breakfast” Open Day was held with great success at our Bakery Center of Sefco Zeelandia in Thessaloniki on October 9th. More than 150 customers from Thessaloniki, Thessalia and West Macedonia attended the event, among which some of the most successful businesses.

The guests had the opportunity to get informed about the benefits and the capabilities of our products, to learn tips on applications and try a wide variety of snacks. Delisnack, the new innovative yeast snack surprised everyone with its ability to fit perfectly with both savory and sweet fillings. There was also a great variety of small breads for sandwiches and delicious savory snacks prepared with Panomix Multicereal Dark and Panomix Fiesta.

Sefco Zeelandia is thinking differently and is always searching for solutions and new ideas in order to meet the customer’s needs and the new modern trends in bakery.