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Hotel Opportunities
by Sefco Zeelandia:
Exploration continues

Sefco Zeelandia held a two-day open day on Hotel Opportunities at Domestica in Heraklion, Crete, 16 and 17 March.

In the exhibition, aimed exclusively at hotels and the hospitality sector, Sefco Zeelandia opened the doors to a multitude of professionals to discover the company's new proposals for the breakfast buffet and the dessert, but also to be inspired by the classic and timeless choices for cakes and snacks exclusively for hotels.

Visitors explored flavors and product combinations with the guidance of experienced chefs. They got to know new restaurant dessert proposals and drew ideas for savory and sweet options that their customers will love. The new Cheesecake Mix and Pannacotta Mix left very positive impressions, since the rich cheese taste of the first, and the light texture of the second place them in the first place in the category of desserts.

Waffle and pancake options with Waffle Mix and Pancake Mix inspired professionals to create unique suggestions for all hours of the day, thanks to their ease of preparation and delicious taste.

Products like the new Vegan V-GO! series and Mama's Zero stood out as they set market trends. The plethora of basic applications created with the new Vegan Cake Mix, such as cakes, cookies, brownies, and raisin cakes, as well as the imaginative vegan pastry applications, when combined with Vegan cream Patisserie and Vegan Rosette, surprised the attendees positively.

Of course, the bakery range also impressed guests since the options for snacks and for the breakfast buffet are countless. The new "Mesogeiako", stood out for its traditional character and unique flavor with notes of sourdough, while "Krithino", with its full barley flavor and rye sourdough, inspired professionals for savory creations!

Sefco Zeelandia continues the exploration for innovations and offers unique solutions to catering professionals, tailored to their own needs. Thus, it is their first choice!

Hotel Opportunities by Sefco Zeelandia: Exploration continues