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Sefco Zeelandia in
HoReCa 2023
for the first time!

For the first time this year Sefco Zeelandia participated in HoReCa with a strong presence. The company welcomed many professionals from the coffee and hospitality industry who had the chance to get acquainted with the opportunities the company can offer them according to the needs of their business and market trends.

Impressive brunch lives

Throughout the exhibition, the company's technicians prepared live pancakes and waffles that visitors could taste. At the same time, the unique serving suggestions inspired by the latest brunch trends, gave delicious ideas to guests and left them with the best impressions. Τhe Red Forest Pancake caught the eye with its bright red colour, and the Waffle club sandwich, made with the new Waffle Mix, made a huge impression

Οι τεχνικοί της Sefco Zeelandia ετοιμάζουν live brunch στην Horeca 2023

Cake Exploring 

From cake to walnut pie, and from cookies to orange pie and Ravani, Amadeus Cake impressed for its versatility and the wide range of applications it creates, while Amadeus Choco satisfied those who tried it for its rich chocolate flavor.

Of course there was no shortage of Choco Choc, the company's choice for the juiciest chocolate pie that left those who tasted it speechless!

Soft and Creamy

What is HoReCa without desserts? At the exhibition visitors got to know the range that Sefco Zeelandia offers in patisserie creams. They tasted the beloved Cremina with its velvety texture and yellow color but also the new Cheesecake Mix with its rich cheese flavor.

After tasting the desserts, they made a stop for Soft Cone, the creamiest and tastiest soft ice cream that surprised even the most demanding palates.

Imaginative restaurant dessert options

Sefco Zeelandia's restaurant dessert proposals debuted at the exhibition. They caused a special sensation for their elaborate, refined appearance and uniqueness. Visitors got inspired for their own stores, and discussed new ideas and suggestions. Thanks to the new restaurant dessert catalogue, they have the opportunity to create for themselves what they saw at the exhibition.

The fresh solutions of the company satisfied the professionals who are constantly looking for the best for their business!

Sefco Zeelandia in HoReCa 2023 for the first time!