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- Creating a
powerful presence.

Sefco Zeelandia sends a message: Keepexploring.

40.000 visitors from 19.604 businesses dropped by the acclaimed trade fair, ARTOZA 2019 in the end of February and Sefco Zeelandia was there to welcome them. It is usually the little things that make the biggest difference but this time Sefco Zeelandia went out of its way to please each visitor extensively and extravagantly, first and foremost via it's 350 sq.m. impressive exhibition stand which had one of the best seats in the house.

Taking advantage of the trade fair's significant amount of market and media exposure, SZ decided to roll out it's new Brand Positioning and strategic messaging in the interest of creating a unique impression in the attendees' minds as a powerful and reliable, future partner. To top this off, jam packed with 32 new inspiring products, the company's enthusiastic team introduced remarkable opportunites and unlimited sollutions for each type of client, spanning across the industry's main pillars: Bakery, Pastry, Chocolate and Ice cream

An apparent theme guided the 4-day trade participation: "No matter what you're into, Sefco Zeelandia is into it too. So... keepexploring."

New offerings around each corner, extending from side to side, covered some of the most vital product categories that a business needs to carry such as: Fruit, Water Based Fillings, and Release Agents which were represented by Zeelandia Group's Centres of Expertise specialists, from Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands respectively. Continuous live shows and on-the-spot demonstrations added to the success of the 32 new product launches.

Together with SZ's staff, participants had the chance to explore the market potential of the product ranges presented during the fair and ultimately discovered that there are always new opportunities out there for businesses to market and sell their products. All of us at Sefco Zeelandia will never seize to identify such opportunitites for them.

ARTOZA 2019 - Creating a powerful presence.