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Yeast raised coffee cake


Group Weight / Volume
Korent Europe 2.000 g
Strong flour T70% 10.000 g
Margarine Princess 500 g
Sugar 500 g
Eggs 500 g
Salt 180 g
Yeast 500 g
Water ±4.500 g
Filling 1:
Levanto (almond paste) 1.000 g
Water 600 g
Filling 2:
Minuta Cream 1.000 g
Fruitful Apple 700 g
Cinnamon powder 10 g
Filling 3:
Minuta cream 1.000 g
Raisins 300 g
Rum 20 g
Cinnamon powder 5 g


Mix all the ingredients together with the spiral hook at low speed for 4 minutes and then switch to high speed to complete mixing for 3 minutes. The dough should be well developed and stretchy (dough temperature: 28-29OC)

Allow the dough to rest for 10 minutes and then cut into 400 gr portions and rest for another 10 minutes.

Spread each portion into 25 cm length and 10 cm width. Continue by evenly spreading the preferable filling and roll into a log. Cut the log into two even pieces and braid as you wish.

Proof the braids for 60 minutes (±35OC with a slight moistness) and then cover them with Ovex Powder (egg wash replacer) or egg wash.

Bake at 200-210OC without steam for 45 minutes.

Once they have cooled down, cover them with syrup (28 degrees) and make them shine by covering them with Eldorado (hot process gel) and finish decorating with Fondant icing.

Yeast Raised Coffee Cake