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Sandwich bread


Group Weight / Volume
Ευsporo 1.000 gr 50%
Flour Τ70% Strong 1.000 gr 50%
Yeast 60 gr 3%
Sugar 40 gr 2%
Margarine Princess 40 gr 2%
Water 1.000 gr 50%


Mix all the ingredients together for 3 minutes at low speed and for 4 minutes at high speed.

The correct temperature of the dough is 27-28 °C.

Allow to rest for 10 minutes.

Cut in 120-150gr and decorate with Seed Mix.

Shape the dough according to your preferences, preferably in a baking sheet with gutters.

Proof for about 50 minutes (±35°C/ 35% RH).

Make a slight cut according to your preferences.

Bake in  230°C with steam 5’’ for 20-25 minutes.

Sandwich bread