Krithino Krithino

Soft snacks


Group Weight / Volume
Krithino 1.000 g
Flour type super 150 g
Strong flour T70% 850 g
Fresh yast 80 g
Sugar 150 g
Margarine 200 g
Water 1200 g


Knead all the ingredients together in the kneader bucket adding the water gradually on slow speed and continue kneading until a well-developed, elastic dough is formed.
Indicatively 3 minutes at slow and 12 minutes at fast speed

Rest the dough for 15 minutes.

Slice indicatively at 430 g or at will.

Bake at 220° C for 35 minutes for bread, or for 18 minutes for sandwiches.

Soft snacks



Barley mix for traditional bread products.