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Short Crust Corn Pastry


Group Weight / Volume
Panomix Fiesta 5.000 gr
Strong Flour T70% 5.000 gr
Puff Pastry Margarine 2.000 gr
Regal 200 gr
Olive Oil 1.500 gr
Water 3.500 gr


Mix all the ingredients together for 2 minutes at low speed and then for 1 minute at high speed until you get a well developed, smooth dough.

Cut the dough into preferable portions and mould as you wish.

Use any short of filling you prefer and decorate accordingly.

Bake at 220-230°C without steam, for 20-25 minutes.

Short Crust Corn Pastry


Panomix Fiesta

Mix for the preparation of bread and snacks with corn. In powder form with seeds and grains.