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Rum baba

French retro, rum-soaked dessert. - Vienna


Group Weight / Volume
Vienna 5.000 gr
Yeast 250 gr
Water (cold) 2.000 gr
Eggs 750 gr
Milk 750 gr


Use the planetary mixer or a stand mixer to mix the Vienna mix together with the water and the yeast with the spiral hook. Once the dough is well formed and looks fluffy, add the eggs. When well blended add the milk. The dough you get should look as homogenous as possible.

Cut the dough by hand (use oil) and place the cut pieces into special rum baba/savarin molds.

Proof the molds (35°C with steam) until the dough doubles its size.

Bake without steam at 220°C for 15 minutes.

Once the have cooled down, carefully package them into plastic bags and place them in the fridge for 10-12 hours.

Pour rum or fruit flavoured syrup on top (26%) and let them cool down.

You can either cut the dough in half  and fill with any kind of cream you prefer or use the cream as a topping.

Rum baba



Complete mix for the preparation of premium quality butter brioche. Requires only the addition of yeast and water.