Slow fermentation cool raised bread


Group Weight / Volume
Flour Τ70% 9.000 g
Corn flour 500 g
Durum wheat coarse 500 g
Amore L 100 200 g
Yeast 150 g
Salt 180 g
Water 5.900 g


    Mix all the ingredients at 8-9 minutes at the slow speed.

    Let the dough rest covered for 17 hours in the fridge at 4°C. Take the dough out the fridge and let it for 30 minutes in room temperature.

    Cut in 1000 g and shape gently at the preferred shape.

    Proof for 45-50 minutes. Proof conditions 35-37 °C and 70-75% moistness.

    Bake at 210-220°C for 60 minutes with steam.

    Open the damper the last 10-15 minutes of baking.

Slow fermentation cool raised bread