Daily Moist Cake Daily Moist Cake

Daily Moist Cake


Group Weight / Volume
Daily Moist Cake 1.000 g
Eggs 350 g
Water 250 g
Oil 300 g


Mix all the ingredients for 1 minute in slow speed and for 4-5 minutes in medium speed.

Serve in forms until the 2/3 of the form and bake at 165°C-175°C for ± 50 minutes.

Fruits, nuts or chocolate drops can be added at the last at the end and can be mixed for 1 minute.

For applications in a tray with or without fruits on top, bake at 165°C.

Extra note: If needed, the product can be baked also in higher temperatures (up to 210°C) adjusting the baking time.

The final product performs better the next day.


Daily Moist Cake