Cake Cake


Super easy soft and moist cookies. - Dream Cream Cake


Group Weight / Volume
Dream Cream Cake 1.000 gr
Margarine Princess 400 gr
Pastry flour 350 gr
Butter 99% 100 gr
Eggs 100 gr
Honey 200 gr
Chocolate Drops 100 gr
Cranberries 100 gr
Almond (grated) 100 gr


Mix all the ingredients together apart from the chocolate drops, the almond and the cranberries, at medium speed for 2-3 minutes.

Just before you have finished mixing the aforementioned ingredients, add the chocolate drops, the almond and the cranberries until all ingredients are well mixed together.

Divide  the dough into 40 gr and shape into round balls.

Bake in a deck oven at 200°C top and 190°C bottom for ± 8 minutes and then in a fan oven at 190°C for another ± 8 minutes. 



Dream Cream Cake

Mix for the preparation of american type cream cake with a rich taste, smooth creamy texture, strong moisture and excellent volume.