Cake Cake

Layered Cake

With Margarine Princess. - Dream Cream Cake


Group Weight / Volume Product
Dream Cream Cake 1.000 gr cake ingredients
Eggs 325 gr cake ingredients
Oil 360 gr cake ingredients
Water 280 gr cake ingredients
Powdered Sugar 125 gr cream ingredients
Margarine Princess 125 gr cream ingredients
Philadelphia Cheese 500 gr cream ingredients
Vanilla cream ingredients


Mix all the cake ingredients together with the flat beater for 1 minute at medium speed and then for 4 minutes at high speed until a homogeneous dough is formed.

Serve the dough into two 20 cm forms, filling them up to the middle.

Bake at 165°C, for ± 40 minutes.

For the cream: Place the sugar with the Margarine Prince Lux into a bowl, mix with the flat beater and add the Philadelphia cheese with the vanilla, until a homogeneous dough is formed.

When the cakes cool down, cut the outer part (dark part)  and stack the two layers on each other, spreading a cream layer in between.

Cover with the cold cream and place in the fridge until it sets.

Layered Cake


Dream Cream Cake

Mix for the preparation of american type cream cake with a rich taste, smooth creamy texture, strong moisture and excellent volume.