Cake Cake

Red Cherry

Cherry at its best! - Dream Cream Cake


Group Weight / Volume Product
Dream Cream Cake 1.000 gr cake ingredients
Eggs 325 gr cake ingredients
Oil 360 gr cake ingredients
Water 280 gr cake ingredients
Water 800 gr cream ingredients
Milk 400 gr cream ingredients
Minuta Ivoire 500 gr cream ingredients
Roma Top 600 gr cream ingredients
Vaniglia Bourbon (paste) 50 gr cream ingredients
Chocolatier White Waffle 1.000 gr base ingredients
Arabesque White 500 gr base ingredients
Arabesque White 1.000 gr covering ingredients 1
Sunflower Oil 150 gr covering ingredients 1
Casa Cream 160 gr covering ingredients 2
Inverted Sugar Syrup 350 gr covering ingredients 2
Paletta Cold Gel Neutral 90 gr covering ingredients 2
Arabesque White 330 gr covering ingredients 2
Gelatin sheets 3,5 pcs. covering ingredients 2
Fruitful Red Cherry extra ingredients
Scaldis Dark extra ingredients


Melt the base ingredients in a microwave and pour them in thin layer.

Freeze and form shapes with a round cutter.
Add the custard cream into the right silicone mould, filling until the half and add Fruitful Red Cherry.

Use the flat beater to mix the cake for 1 minute at low speed and then for 4 minutes at high speed. Bake at 165°C for 35 minutes. Cut the cake using the right round cutter.

Add the cake, cover with cream, and finally put a thin layer of cake and let freeze.

Melt the covering ingredients 1 into the microwave, unmould the dessert and cover.

For the 2nd covering, heat the Casa Cream and add the softened gelatins. Melt chocolate, put all the ingredients together and blend using a pimmer. Cover with the glacage at 26-27°C.

Add the dessert to the base and decorate with a stem made of Scaldis Dark.

Red Cherry


Dream Cream Cake

Mix for the preparation of american type cream cake with a rich taste, smooth creamy texture, strong moisture and excellent volume.