Cake Cake

New Year’s Day Walnut Cake

A traditional Greek walnut “Vasilopita”.


Group Weight / Volume
Karidi Primo 1.000 g
Oil (sunflower or corn oill) 420 g
Tap water 420 g
Orange shavings 1-2 oranges
Walnuts (optional) up to 100 g
Chocolate drops (optional) up to 200 g


Mix all the basic ingredients at medium speed with the use of the mixer’s flat beater for 5 minutes. The dough that you will get at the end will have a liquid form and will have not risen.

Add the walnuts and the chocolate drops at the end of the mixing and make sure they are spread equally in the dough.

Serve the dough in cake forms of your preference, by filling them up to ¾.

Bake at 160-170°C for 45-75 minutes (based on the cake forms size).

Example given: If you use 20-25 cm cake forms bake for 45 minutes and if you use 60-80 cm bake trays bake for 75 minutes in commercial ovens.

Once the cakes have cooled down, you can decorate with Mont Blanc (water insoluble sugar in powder form), powdered sugar or icing.

You can freeze the dough for many days, in the forms or trays that you will use to bake the dough in.

More information

Instead of orange shavings you can use lemon shavings or orange aroma

New Year’s Day Walnut Cake