Cake Cake

Petit gateau walnut

Crunchy rind & mellow filling.


Group Weight / Volume
Karidi Primo 1.200 g
Oil (odorless seed oil) 400 g
Water 400 g
Velex 50 g
Walnuts 200-300 g
Chocolatier Chocomit (optional) to your taste
Dip Choco (optional) to your taste


Mix all the ingredients at high speed with the use of the mixer’s wire whisk for 8 minutes.

Use a piping bag to pipe shapes of 5mm.

Bake at 200°C for 8-10 minutes. The damper should be kept open.

Once the shaped dough has cooled down, spread Chocolatier Chocomit on the flat sides of the baked dough pieces  and top with the rest of the remaining baked dough pieces.

Dip half of the petit gateau into Dip Choco.

Petit gateau walnut