Cake Cake

Mini Apple Cakes

Moist & Creamy! - Mama's Deco


Group Weight / Volume
Mama's Deco 1.200 gr
Butter 99% 500 gr
Eggs 500 gr
Cake type flour 200 gr
Cinammon 8-9 gr
Fruitful apple 1.200 gr


Use the flat beater to mix the Mama’s Deco Vanilla mix, the eggs and the butter together at high speed for 1-1,5 minutes, starting at low speed.

Add the cake type flour and mix for 1 minute at medium speed.

Add the Frutafill Apple and the cinnamon and mix until it is well blended. Make sure it doesn’t melt.

Use a piping bag to pipe 60-70 gr portions.

Bake at 195°C for 10 minutes.

Sprinkle with Mont Blanc (white sugar in powder form, non water soluble). 

Mini Apple Cakes


Mama's Deco

Mix for the preparation of creamy cakes. Keeps fruits and custards on the surface of the cake.