Mini Apple Cakes

Moist & Creamy! - Mama's Deco


Group Weight / Volume
Mama's Deco 1.200 gr
Butter 99% 500 gr
Eggs 500 gr
Cake type flour 200 gr
Cinammon 8-9 gr
Fruitful apple 1.200 gr


    Use the flat beater to mix the Mama’s Deco Vanilla mix, the eggs and the butter together at high speed for 1-1,5 minutes, starting at low speed.

    Add the cake type flour and mix for 1 minute at medium speed.

    Add the Frutafill Apple and the cinnamon and mix until it is well blended. Make sure it doesn’t melt.

    Use a piping bag to pipe 60-70 gr portions.

    Bake at 195°C for 10 minutes.

    Sprinkle with Mont Blanc (white sugar in powder form, non water soluble). 

Mini Apple Cakes