Cake Cake

Kariokes with rum and spices


Group Weight / Volume Product
Mama’s Olikis (baked crumb) 500 g For the karioka
Fondant 250 g For the karioka
Rum 5 g For the karioka
Cacao Arabesque 5 g For the karioka
Cinnamon 3 g For the karioka
Ginger 2 g For the karioka
Arabesque Dark 60% (melted) 50 g For the karioka
Walnuts 100 g For the karioka
Dip White 1.000 g For the decoration
Sunflower oil 200 g For the decoration
Digestive Cookies 1.000 g For the biscuits
Margarine Princess 400 g For the biscuits
Eggs 50 g For the biscuits


For the karioka

Mix the first 6 ingredients at the medium speed. Add the melted chocolate and afterwards the broken walnuts. Open the dough in 1 cm between two paper baking sheets and cut with the preferred cutters until you shape a tree.

For the decoration

Melt the ingredients and dip the kariokas inside.

For the biscuits

Mix all the ingredients at the medium speed for 2 minutes. Open the dough in 2-4 mm between two paper baking sheets. Use the preferred cutter for the shape of the biscuit. Bake at 170°C for 15 minutes depending on the type of the oven.


Dip the kariokas and create a tree starting from the bigger base and ending to the smaller one. Add a biscuit decoration on top. Decorate further at your will.

Kariokes with rum and spices