Cake Cake

Wholewheat flour bars with pineapple


Group Weight / Volume Product
Mama’s Olikis 1.000 g bar ingredients
Butter 82% 230 g bar ingredients
Water 110 g bar ingredients
Seed mix 100 g bar ingredients
Hazelnuts (broken) 50 g bar ingredients
Cold Water 800 g cream ingredients
Milk 400 g cream ingredients
Minuta Ivoire 500 g cream ingredients
Roma Top 300 g cream ingredients
Casa Cream 35% 300 g cream ingredients
Fruitful Pineapple extra ingredients
Bianca GR 100 g meringue ingredients
Sugar 150 g meringue ingredients
Water (70°C) 200 g meringue ingredients
Red pastry color at will meringue ingredients


For the bar

Mix the first 3 ingredients using the whisk for 2 minutes at the medium speed. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until they become homogenized. Bake in a tray of 30×40 cm at 195°C for 16 minutes depending on the type of the oven.

For the cream

Mix the water with the milk and the Minuta Ivoire at the high speed for 4-5 minutes. Mix gently the Roma top with the Casa Cream 35% and incorporate with the cream.

For the meringue

Mix all the ingredients for 6-8 minutes at the high speed.


Place the bar in a ring and add the Fruitful Pineapple in the middle.

Fill with cream and place in the freezer.

When frozen, remove from the molds and dip in the meringue.

Decorate at will.

Wholewheat flour bars with pineapple