Cake Cake

Truffles with cranberries


Group Weight / Volume Product
Mama’s Olikis (baked crumb) 500 g For the truffles
Chocolatier Delicecover Giandujia 400 g For the truffles
Rum 30 g For the truffles
Arabesque Dark 60% (melted) 90 g For the truffles
Cranberries 100 g For the truffles
Dip White 1.000 g For the covering
Sunflower oil 200 g For the covering
Fine Cream Chocolate Hazelnut extra ingredients
Fine Cream Salty Caramel extra ingredients


For the truffles

Mix the first 3 ingredients at the medium speed. Add the melted chocolate and then the cranberries.

For the covering

Melt both ingredients in a bain marie or in a microwave.


Shape the truffles and dip in the covering. Add the cream and decorate at your will.

Truffles with cranberries