Cake Cake

Christmas brownies with cream


Group Weight / Volume Product
Red Forest Fruit Cake 1.000 g For the base
Margarine Princess 290 g For the base
Water 60 g For the base
Eggs 100 g For the base
Hazelnuts 200 g For the base
Arabesque White 30% 100 g For the base
Minuta Ivoire 400 g For the cream
Water 1.000 g For the cream
Roma Top 200 g For the cream
Casa Cream 200 g For the cream
Fruitful Raspberry 200 g For the cream
Fruitful Blueberry 200 g For the cream
Fruitful Strawberry 200 g For the cream
Eldorado 200 g For the covering
Water 200 g For the covering
Paletta Cold Gel Neutral 800 g For the covering


For the base: Mix the ingredients apart from the hazelnuts and the chocolate for 3 minutes at the medium speed. Serve in a baking sheet of 30Χ40 cm and bake at 170°C  for 21 minutes.

For the cream: Mix the water with the Minuta Ivoire for 4 minutes at the high speed. Add the fruits in the cream and mix.  τα φρούτα μέσα στην κρέμα και ομογενοποιήστε. Whip the cream. Serve in the silicon mold of your choice.

For the covering: Boil the water with the Eldorado. Remove from the fire and add the Paletta Cold Gel Neutral.

Cut the brownies with the cutter. Demold and cover. Decorate at will.

Christmas brownies with cream


Red Forest Fruit Cake

Mix in powder form for the preparation of homemade taste cakes with cocoa and forest fruit aroma.