Cake Cake

Red Forest Fruit Layered Cake


Group Weight / Volume Product
Red Forest Fruit Cake 1000 g for the cake
Eggs 340 g for the cake
Oil 300 g for the cake
Water 270-275 g for the cake
Cheesecake Mix 1000 g for the cream
Heavy Cream 3000 g for the cream
Masca Berries 500 g covering
Water 50 g covering
Dehydrated Red Forest Fruit Cake crumble extra



Place all ingredients in mixer and mix on medium speed with the flat beater for 4 minutes.
Then serve in a hoop of your choice and bake at 160 °C for 45-50 minutes.


Dissolve the Cheesecake Mix in the cream and mix the ingredients for 1 minute on the fast speed of the mixer with the whisk.


Heat the Masca Berries with the water and cover.


Slice the Red Forest Fruit Cake and place 2 layers of cream and 3 layers of cake. Mask with the cream, freeze. Top with the Masca Berries and top with the dehydrated Red Forest Fruit Cake crumb.

Red Forest Fruit Layered Cake


Red Forest Fruit Cake

Mix in powder form for the preparation of homemade taste cakes with cocoa and forest fruit aroma.