Cake Cake

Lemon pie

Beautifully moist, rich and fudgy.


Group Weight / Volume
Zeel Moist Cake Lemon 1.000 g
Oil 250 g
Water 500 g
Lemon shavings 30 g
Yogurt 100 g


Use the flat beater to mix all the ingredients together, apart from the yogurt or apart from the yogurt and the pastry sheet (depending on the recipe you will choose) and mix for 4 minutes in the middle speed.

Add the yogurt and mix using a spatula.

If you choose the 2nd recipe add the pastry sheets.

Bake for 35-40 minutes at 160°C.

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Alternative recipe

Zeel Moist Cake Lemon          1.000 g

Oil                                                360 g 

Water                                          600 g

Lemon shavings                          30 g

Yogurt                                        100 g

Pastry sheet                              200 g

Lemon pie


Zeel Moist Cake

Mix for the preparation of cakes with homemade taste and moist structure. Available in vanilla, chocolate and lemon flavor.