Cake Cake

Soft lemon cookies

With Indian coconut and white chocolate.


Group Weight / Volume
Zeel Lemon Moist Cake 1.000 g
Cake type flour 350 g
Margarine Princess 400 g
Butter 99% 100 g
Eggs 2 eggs
Honey or Glucose 200 g
Lime shavings 2 limes
Indian coconut 200 g
Arabesque White 30% 200-300 g


Use the flat beater to mix all the ingredients together (apart from the Arabesque White 30%) for 2 minutes at low speed until you get a homogeneous and easy workable dough.

At the end of the mixing process add the white chocolate and make sure it is well blended with the other ingredients.

Cut the dough into 40 gr portions and mould.

You can optionally decorate with Indian coconut.

Place onto a baking tray.

Bake at 200°C for 8 minutes (fan oven) or at 215°C (upper part) and 180°C (lower part) for 10 minutes (deck oven). If your oven does not have a separate temperature setting you can bake by using two baking trays.

Soft lemon cookies


Zeel Moist Cake

Mix for the preparation of cakes with homemade taste and moist structure. Available in vanilla, chocolate and lemon flavor.