Ice cream
Speculoos Cookie Ice Cream Tart

Great, refreshing taste! - Speculoos Cookie


Group Weight / Volume Product
Biscotto di Meliga 200 gr base ingredients
Variegone Speculoos Cookie 200 gr base ingredients
Panna C/F 1000 100 gr gelato ingredients
Milk 3,5% 1.000 gr gelato ingredients
Sugar 210 gr gelato ingredients
Casa Cream UHT (35%) 160 gr gelato ingredients
Speculoos Cookie (paste) 80 gr gelato ingredients
Variegone Speculoos Cookie 70 gr gelato ingredients


    Mix the base ingredients (Biscotto di Meliga and Variegone Speculoos Cookie) and serve them in a mould (20-22cm).

    Mix all the gelato ingredients for the base and then add the paste and the Variegone Speculoos Cookie. Mix and pour it at the gelato machine.

    When ready, add the gelato (800 gr) into the mould and cover with Variegone Speculoos Cookie.

Speculoos Cookie Ice Cream Tart