Bechamel Philadelphia

Instant Philadelphia cream cheese flavoured bechamel.


Group Weight / Volume
Bechamel Philadelphia 1.000 g
Water 2.800 g


    Use the wire whisk to mix at high speed  after you have poured the water in the mixer and have slowly added the Bechamel Philadelphia cream cheese. In the end you should get a smooth sauce without clumps. Mix for 3 minutes at high speed in total.

    Once you have finished mixing, the bechamel sauce is ready to use either as a filling for products you are planning to bake or as a filling for cold applications.

    You can optionally add salt, paprika, garlic, onions, cold cuts, vegetables, boiled meat (fish, chicken, pork) etc.

More information

To get a different sauce density you will have to alter the water amount accordingly.

You can prepare the bechamel sauce by hand as long as you whisk the ingredients as needed in order to get a smooth, well blended end result.

Bechamel Philadelphia