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Savory Muffins

Delisnack - muffins are not just for the sweet-toothed.


Group Weight / Volume Product
Delisnack 1.000 gr Muffin ingredients
Yeast 50 gr Muffin ingredients
Water (moderately warm) 650 gr Muffin ingredients
Salt 4 gr Muffin ingredients
Ovex Powder-ZK (egg wash replacer) Extra ingredients
Grated cheese (optional) Extra ingredients


Use the flat beater to mix all the ingredients together for 1 minute at low speed and then for 3 minutes at medium speed.

Place the dough into muffin molds, filling them up to 2/3.

Proof for 20-25 minutes (Moistness level: 70%, temperature: 35°C).

Brush the surface with egg wash or Ovex Powder-ZK (egg wash replacer).

Sprinkle with grated cheese (optional).

Bake at 210°C for 25 minutes.

More information

Added flavour recommendations
Dough filling:

Grated hard cheese 200 gr


Grated hard cheese 100 gr

Ham 100 gr


Grated hard cheese 100 gr

Bacon 100 gr

Savory Muffins



Mix for the preparation of savory multilayered dough without the need of lamination.