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Chocolate bomb

Chocolate bombs with crispy rice in chocolate sauce.


Group Weight / Volume Product
Scaldis Dark 200 g bomb ingredients
Minuta Ivoire 500 g cream inredients
Casa Cream UHT 700 g cream inredients
Milk (full-fat) 800 g cream inredients
Water 400 g cream inredients
Chocolatier Choco Rice 80 g cream inredients
Gianduja Paste 80 g cream inredients
Chocolatier Choco Rice 200 g covering ingredients
Sunflower oil 20 g covering ingredients
Roasted hazelnut crumbs 20 g covering ingredients


Use the wire whisk to mix the Minute Ivoire with the milk and the water at medium speed for 3 minutes.

Add the Casa Cream UHT (fresh cream) and continue mixing at medium speed for 2 minutes.

Add 80 gr Chocolatier Choco Rice and 80 gr Gianduja paste to 1 kg of cream.


Mix until all ingredients are well blended.

Finalization (assembling):

Pour the melted Scaldis Dark into a silicone sphere mold. Once it has cooled down, repeat. Turn the molds upside down to create a shell. Once it has cooled down, repeat. Carefully remove half of the sphere and fill with cream. Stick both parts together via using melted chocolate and place the sphere you have created in the fridge.

Dip the sphere into the coating and let it dry.

Decorate with hazelnuts.

Chocolate bomb