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Chocolate tart

Chocolate tart with crispy rice chocolate sauce and lemon jelly.


Group Weight / Volume Product
Tart noir 1.000 g base ingredients
Butter 99% 400 g base ingredients
Eggs 50 g base ingredients
Chocolatier Choco Rice 150 g filling ingredients
Fruitful Lemon 300 g filling ingredients



Use a flat beater to mix the tart noir together with the eggs and the butter for 3-4 minutes ar medium speed.

Stretch the dough onto a 2 mm tart mold.

Bake at 175-180°C for 25-30 minutes.


Use a pipping bag with a round nozzle to pipe around the tart the Fruitful Lemon (lemon jelly).

Place the tart in the fridge.

Coat with Chocolatier Choco Rice.

Decorate with Fruitful Lemon.

Chocolate tart