Amadeus Cake


Group Weight / Volume Product
Amadeus Cake 1.000 g
Sunflower oil 375 g
Tap water 400 g
Coconut 225 g
Orange shavings 1-2 pcs
Egg (optional) 25 g
Mastic (optional) at will
Vanilla (optional) at will
Inverted syrup 1 kg For the syrup
Water 200 g For the syrup
Carlex Spray (release agent)


    Mix the ingredients apart from the coconut with a flat beater for 5 minutes at medium speed.

    Add the coconut and mix well.

    Serve in a baking sheet 30x40 cm that has bees sprayed with Carlex Spray.

    Bake at 160-170°C for about 45 minutes.

    Prepare the syrup.

    Cut in pieces when is still worm and pour with the cold syrup.