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Crème Brulee


Group Weight / Volume Product
Amadeus Choco Cake 250 g Sable Choco
Flour 250 g
Egg 50 g
Princess margarine 200 g
Milk 1.000 g Crème Brulee
Crème Brulee 250 g
Fruitful Orange 1.000 g Orange jelly
Water 100 g
Gelatin sheets 4 pcs
Milk 290 g Milk namelaka
Glucose 50 g
Casa Cream 35% 400 g
Arabesque Milk 34% 390 g
Gelatin sheets 2 pcs


Sable Choco

Mix all the ingredients in the mixer bowl with the flat beater for 3 minutes on medium speed.
Roll out into two greaseproof papers 3mm thick.
Cut with the desired round cutter and freeze.

Crème Brulee

Heat 2/3 of the milk.
Add the Crème Brulée and boil for 2 minutes, stirring constantly.
Remove from heat and add the remaining milk.
Pour in the desired forms.

Orange jelly

Soak the gelatin sheets in water .
Heat all the ingredients together and mix with a beamer.
Mold into a small baking dish and after it has cooled well, cut into cubes.

Milk namelaka

Boil the milk with the glucose.
Remove from the stove and pour in the moisturized gelatin sheets.
Pour the Arabesque Milk 34% and emulsify.
Lastly, add the Casa Cream and mix with the beamer.
Finalize it on the next day.

Crème Brulee