Ho.Re.Ca. recipes Ho.Re.Ca. recipes



Group Weight / Volume Product
Cold water 2.500 g Cream
Cremina 1.000 g
Casa Cream 35% 1.000 g
Jello 1.000 g Choux
Flour 200 g
Eggs 1.250 g
Water (80°C ) 1.250 g
Princess Margarine 160 g Craquelin
Flour 200 g
Brown sugar 200 g
Salt 4 g
Milk 350 g Profiterole sauce
Casa Cream 35% 250 g
Arabesque Dark 60% 200 g
Delicecover Choco 600 g



Mix together the water and Cremina in the mixer bowl for 5’ at the fast speed with the whisk.
Similarly, beat the Casa Cream and homogenize it with the previous mixture.


Mix Jello, flour and water with the flat beater at medium speed for 5’.
Pour the eggs, one at a time.
Cut to the desired size and put the craquelin on them.
Bake at 180 °C for 35-40 minutes.


Mix all the ingredients together in the mixer's bowl on medium speed until a homogenous dough is made.
Roll out into two greaseproof papers, 3mm thick and cut with the desired cutter.

Profiterole sauce

Bring the cream in a boil, together with the milk.
Pour the chocolate in to melt, then add the Delicecover Choco and mix with the bimer.
Finalize it on the next day.


On a plate of your choice place cream on the base and place 3 choux filled with cream.
Put cream in the center and stick another choux on.
Pour over the profiterole sauce and garnish to taste.