Ho.Re.Ca. recipes Ho.Re.Ca. recipes



Group Weight / Volume Product
Vegan Cake Mix 500 g Base
Water 212 g
Sunflower oil 162 g
Water 200 g Coffee syrup
Sugar 200 g
Pasta Caffe la Paz 50 g
Soy Milk 700 g Cream
Vegan Cream Patisserie 200 g
Vegan Rosette 200 g
Pasta Caffe la Paz 70 g
Scaldis Extra Dark Chocolate plates



Mix all the ingredients together with the flat beater in the mixer's bowl for 4 minutes on medium speed.
Pour the mixture on a baking sheet 60x40 and bake for 12’ at 170 °C.

Coffee syrup

Boil all the ingredients together.


In a mixer's bowl, mix the soy milk with the cream for 5 minutes on fast speed with the whisk.
Similarly, mix the Vegan Rosette, and homogenize with the preceding mixture.
Lastly, incorporate Pasta Caffe la Paz with a rubber spatula.

Chocolate plates

On two guitar sheets put the melted Scaldis Extra Dark and after setting cut with the desired cutter.


After you have dipped the cut bases in the coffee syrup, place alternately with the chocolate plates and cream.
Garnish at will.