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Neutral Gel

Hot process, fruity flavoured gel for covering and decorating.


Group Weight / Volume
Eldorado 1.000 g
Water (tap water) 350 g


Mix all the ingredients into a pan and bring to a boil, until the Eldorado is dissolved.

Keep the temperature over 80°C for the time period you wish to use it. If you want to preserve it and use it at a different time period, you can reheat it by bringing it to boil.

Use it to make fruit, tarts, gâteau etc shine. You can use a brush, sprayer machines or you can just dip the products you want to decorate directly into the hot gel.

The gel remains stable onto the products’ surface and at the same time protects them from going dry.

More information


  • If you desire a softer or a harder gel (after you let it cool down) you can adjust the water percentage (300 to 500 gr can be added to 1 kilo Eldorado).

  • If the gel is used on products that will be frozen, add 300 gr of water in each kilo of Eldorado.
Neutral Gel