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Masca Biscuit - "Biscotto" dessert, a creamy treat with a shiny biscuit miroir coating.


Group Weight / Volume Product
Chocolatier Choco Bisc 1.000 gr Base ingredients
Scaldis Dark 150 gr Base ingredients
Biscotto Noir Orfeo 100 gr Base ingredients
Minuta Cream 400 gr Cream ingredients
Water 1.000 gr Cream ingredients
Roma top (Vegetable cream) 300 gr Whipped cream ingredients
Casa Cream UHT (Fresh cream) 300 gr Whipped cream ingredients
Biscotto (paste) 160 gr Whipped cream ingredients
Roi Chocolat 2.000 gr Sponge cake ingredients
Eggs 1.280 gr Sponge cake ingredients
Water 220 gr Sponge cake ingredients
Masca Biscuit 1.000 gr Coating ingredients
Water 100 gr Coating ingredients
Scaldis White (compound chocolate) Extra ingredients
Décor Icing White Extra ingredients


Use the wire whip to mix all the sponge ingredients together at high speed for 6-8 minutes

Pour into molds, slightly above ½  and bake for 175-180°C for 35-40 minutes.
Melt the Scaldis Dark and then add the rest of the base’s ingredients. Mix until they are blended together well. Pour into a parchment paper lined tray and allow to freeze.
Use a cutter to cut the base and the sponge cake. Place a base layer at the bottom of a mold and add the whipped minuta cream. Finish by placing a layer of the sponge cake on top. Allow to freeze.

Remove from the molds and cover with the Masca Biscuit coating (once you have diluted it with water).

Finish decorating with Scaldis White and Décor Icing White.




Premium quality miroir glaze for patisserie applications, with shiny appearance and distinct flavor.