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Cheesecake log


Group Weight / Volume Product
Mousse Du Chef 1.000 g mousse ingredients
Whole milk 1.600 g mousse ingredients
Chocolate couverture (melted) 200 g mousse ingredients
Dream Cream Cake 1.000 g cake ingredients
Eggs 325 g cake ingredients
Oil 360 g cake ingredients
Water 280 g cake ingredients
Cheese Cream Phill 500 g cream ingredients
Milk 1.450 g cream ingredients
Casa Cream 35% 1.000 g extra ingredients
Biscuit κατά βούληση extra ingredients
Margarine Princess κατά βούληση extra ingredients
White butter cocoa spray κατά βούληση extra ingredients
Fruitful Strawberry κατά βούληση extra ingredients
Scaldis Dark κατά βούληση extra ingredients



Ιn a mixer’s bowl, mix all the ingredients together for 1 minute at low speed and for 5-7 minutes at high speed.


Mix all the ingredients together for 1 minute at middle speed and for 4 an high speed. Bake at 165 °C for 40 minutes.


Mix all the ingredients for 5-6 min at high speed and fold in the beated Casa Cream 35%.

Prepare a biscuit base with Margarine Princess.

Place baking paper in a loaf tin and add the cream up to the middle of the loaf tin, add a thin layer of cake and let it freeze.

Add the mousse up to the edge of the baking tin and freeze.

Spray with White butter cocoa spray and place gently on the biscuit base.

Decorate with Fruitful Strawberry and Scaldis Dark.

Cheesecake log