Cream bavaroise


Group Weight / Volume
Zeesan Cheese 500 g
Water (cool 25-30ºC) 1.000 g
Half-whipped cream 1.000 g


    Dissolve the Zeesan Cheese mix in water, mixing well until there are no lumps.

    Add the half-whipped cream making sure all the ingredients are well blended. Use a spatula to mix smoothly.

    Use the cream you have made to assemble gâteau and patisserie varieties  and place in the fridge for 1 hour.

More information

The half-whipped cream can be made with either Casa Cream (fresh cream) or Roma Top (vegetable cream) or a combination of both creams.

If you wish to place the applications you have made in the freezer, make sure you do so after 1 hour has passed from when the cream sets.

Make sure you spread the cream evenly and smoothly on any preferable base so that you avoid getting a rough result.

It is important the whipped cream you use is half whipped so to avoid lowering the quality of the cream the second day.

Cream bavaroise

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Mix for the preparation of cream bavaroise. Available in neutral and cheese flavor.