Custard Filling

Freeze/thaw stable, and extremely flexible. - Minuta Cream


Group Weight / Volume Product
Minuta Cream 1.000 gr cold process
Cold Water 2.500 gr
Minuta Cream 1.000 gr hot process
Hot Water 2.500 gr
Minuta Cream 1.000 gr traditional boiled process
Tap Water 2.500 gr


    Use the wire whisk to mix the Minuta cream together with the water at high speed for 4-5 minutes.

    You can optionally add whipped cream, meringue, alcohol etc. Make sure you blend well.

More information

If you want to use the custard cream you have just made for baking applications then you shouldn’t add ingredients that cause a whipped cream effect.

In case you are willing to use the custard cream you have just made for applications that require baking or freezing, you should wait 30 minutes after you have prepped it.

If you choose to go with Recipe 3 (boiled process), once the custard cream has cooled down, you have to whip it in the mixer so it sets and then you can whip it with any other usual ingredients.

If you wish, you can add while mixing, a certain amount of fresh cream or vegetable cream (up to 2 kg). By doing so the end result will be richer. In any case, the vegetable cream should always be added at the end.

If you want to replace a part of the water with fresh cream or vegetable cream then for each amount of water you subtract, double the cream amount you add. For example, if you lower the water dosage by 500 gr then you should add 1 kg of fresh cream (not whipped).

Custard Filling

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Minuta Cream

Premium quality custard filling with exceptional aroma for bakery and pastry applications. It is freeze/thaw stable, extremely flexible and easy to use.