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Custard Cream with strawberries Zero 


Group Weight / Volume Product
Mama's Zero 300 g Crumble
Butter 99% 240 g
Soft flour 600 g
Water 160 g
Minuta Zero 400 g Cream
Water 1000 g
Casa Cream 35% 400 g
Fresh strawberries Extra



Add the water with Minuta Zero in the mixer and mix on fast speed with the whisk for 3 minutes.
Fluff Casa Cream 35% separately.
Lastly, homogenize.

Place all the ingredients in the mixer's bowl and mix with the flat beater until a crushed dough is formed.

Pour the crumble over the filling and bake at 180°C for 25-30 minutes.

Custard Cream with strawberries Zero


Minuta Zero

Cold process custard filling with no added sugar, with sweeteners.