Vegan Cream Patisserie Vegan Cream Patisserie



Group Weight / Volume Product
Vegan Cake Mix 1.000 g base
Oil 325 g base
Water 425 g base
Water 1000 g cream
Vegan Cream Patisserie 400 g cream
Vegan Rosette 500 g cream
Masca Quince extra


For the base, mix all the ingredients together on medium speed with the wing for 4’. Place the dough on a baking sheet and bake at 190 °C for about 30’.

For the cream, beat Vegan Rosette until it becomes firm. Then, beat the water and Vegan Cream Patisserie for 5 minutes in the mixer, with the whisk. Fluff with Vegan Rosette.



Rosette Vegan

Vegan vegetable cream ideal for pastry applications.

Vegan Cream Patisserie

Mix for the preparation of vegan pastry cream.