Vegan Cream Patisserie Vegan Cream Patisserie

Fig tart


Group Weight / Volume Product
Vegan Cake Mix 200 g tart
Pastry flour 180 g tart
Princess Margarine 150 g tart
Sunflower oil 25 g tart
Water 25 g tart
Vegan Cream Patisserie 200 g cream
Vegan Rosette 200 g cream
Water 550 g cream
Pasta Fico Rosa 70 g cream
Eldorado 200 g covering
Water 200 g covering
Paletta Cold Gel 800 g covering
Variegone Fichi Cramellati extra


For the tart, beat all the ingredients with the flat beater in a mixer until it becomes an even dough. Roll the dough into the desired tart forms and bake at 170 °C for 15’.

For the cream, beat the Vegan Rosette until it becomes light and fluffy. Beat the water and Vegan Cream Patisserie for 5 minutes on the fast speed with the whisk and then homogenize with the whipped cream. Lastly, add Pasta Fico Rosa and mix with a rubber spatula.

For the covering, boil Eldorado with the water. Remove from the burner, add Paleta Cold Gel and stir slowly. Use the coating directly.

For the setup, after the tarts have cooled, fill them with Variegone Fichi Caramellati. With the help of a split palette put cream on half of the tart and garnish the rest with fresh fruit or dried figs. Coat the cream and figs with the jelly.

Fig tart


Rosette Vegan

Vegan vegetable cream ideal for pastry applications.

Vegan Cream Patisserie

Mix for the preparation of vegan pastry cream.