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Pink Dream


Group Weight / Volume Product
Red Forest Fruit Cake 250 g for the tart
Eggs 50 g for the tart
Pastry flour 250 g for the tart
Princess margarine 200 g for the tart
Milk 500 g for the cream
Minuta Ivoire 200 g for the cream
Roma Top 350 g for the cream
Casa Cream 35% 350 g for the cream
Pasta Vaniglia Bourbon 30 g for the cream
Red Forest Fruit Cake 500 g for the biscuit
Eggs 225 g for the biscuit
Water 125 g for the biscuit
Oil 225 g for the biscuit
Syrup 150 g for the strawberry cream
Gelatin leaves 10 g for the strawberry cream
Fruitful Strawberry 500 g for the strawberry cream
Casa Cream 35% 360 g for the strawberry cream
Pasta Loukoumi 30 g for the strawberry cream
Arabesque White 30% 750 g coperture
Cocoa butter 350 g coperture
Casa Cream 35% 160 g loukoumi glaze
gelatin leaves 20 g loukoumi glaze
Inverted sugar 350 g loukoumi glaze
Arabesque White 30% 380 g loukoumi glaze
Paletta Cold Gel 200 g loukoumi glaze
Pasta Loukoumi 30 g loukoumi glaze
Fruitful Raspberry extra
Velvet spray white extra


Beat all the ingredients together on medium speed with the flat beater until a homogeneous dough is formed.
Open the dough in the tart forms and bake for 15' at 170°C.


Beat the whipped cream until stiff.
In the mixer bowl, beat the first 3 ingredients with the whisk on high speed for 5 minutes. Homogenize with the whipped cream and Pasta Vaniglia Bourbon.


Put all the ingredients in the mixer bowl and beat with the flat beater for 3 minutes, on medium speed.
Serve in a 60x40 cm sheet pan.
Bake at 180 °C for 9 to 11 minutes.

Strawberry cream

In a bowl, place the Fruitful Strawberry, the Pasta Loukoumi and the gelatin sheets. Boil the syrup and place it in a bowl.
Mix the ingredients with a bimmer and at the same time add Casa Cream 35% mixing it until a uniform cream is created.


Melt the Arabesque White 30% together with the cocoa butter in a microwave oven.

Loukoumi glaze

In a bowl, boil the Casa Cream and imvertozacharo and then add the gelatin sheets.
In another bowl, place the Arabesque White, Paleta Cold Gel, Pasta Loukoumi and add the boiled mixture.
Mix with a bimmer until a homogeneous mixture is created.


Fill a silicone mold with the vanilla cream and place the Fruitful Raspberry.
Fill another silicone mold with the strawberry cream.
In a form add the cover and spray with Velvet Spray.
Cover the strawberry cream with Turkish delight glaze and place on top of the vanilla application. The glaze should be at 28 °C

Pink Dream


Red Forest Fruit Cake

Mix in powder form for the preparation of homemade taste cakes with cocoa and forest fruit aroma.