Pastry Pastry



Group Weight / Volume Product
Twin Choco 500 g for the base
Eggs 225 g for the base
Water 125 g for the base
Oil 225 g for the base
Water 500 g for the choco cream
Minuta Choco 200 g for the choco cream
Casa Cream 35% 200 g for the choco cream
Cold water 800 g for the cream
Milk 400 g for the cream
Minuta Ivoire 500 g for the cream
Roma Top 350 g for the cream
Casa Cream 35% 350 g for the cream
Pasta Vaniglia Bourbon 30 g for the cream
Arabesque Milk 34% 750 g Arabesque coperture
Cocoa butter 350 g Arabesque coperture
Variegone Choco Bisc extra
Variegone Amarena extra


Put all the ingredients in the mixer bowl and beat with the flat beater for 3 minutes, on medium speed.
Serve in a 60x40 cm baking sheet.
Bake at 180 °C for 9 to 11 minutes.

Choco Cream

Lather Casa Cream UHT 35%.
Beat the water with Minuta Choco for 3 minutes on high speed with the whisk.
Finally, homogenize the cream with the whipped cream.


Beat the whipped cream until stiff.
In the mixer bowl, beat the first 3 ingredients with the whisk on high speed speed for 5'. Homogenize with the whipped cream and Pasta Vaniglia Bourbon.

Arabesque Coperture

Melt the Arabesque Milk 34% together with the cocoa butter in one microwave oven.
Be careful not to burn the chocolate.


Use 6x6 cm round tins.
Cut the base biscuit and spread a layer of Variegone Choco Bisc.
Half fill the tin with the Minuta Choco cream and add one layer of Variegone Amarena.
Then add another cookie layer and fill the mold with the cream with Minuta Ivoire.
Remove the appliqué from the mold and dip it into the cover with Arabesque Milk 34%. Use a brush for the decor.