Cereal Cookies with Crunchy Chocolate Sauce

Barfit - cereal cookies with crunchy chocolate sauce (Chocolatier Choco Bisc)


Group Weight / Volume Product
Barfit 1.000 gr Cookies ingredients
Water 110 gr Cookies ingredients
Butter 99% (melted) 110 gr Cookies ingredients
Chocolatier Choco Bisc 350 gr Cookies ingredients


    Mix all the ingredients together (apart from the Chocolatier Choco Bisc) with the flat beater for 2 minutes at low speed.

    Add the Chocolatier Choco Bisc and mix slightly at low speed until it is well blended into the mixture.

    Cut the dough into 25-30 gr portions and place them onto a parchment paper.

    Bake at 185oC for 12-16 minutes.

More information

Recipe with addition of Margarine:

You can replace the butter amount with 290 gr of Margarine Princess

The water amount should be 60 gr.

Cereal Cookies with Crunchy Chocolate Sauce