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Cereal Cookies with Crunchy Chocolate Sauce

Barfit - cereal cookies with crunchy chocolate sauce (Chocolatier Choco Bisc)


Group Weight / Volume Product
Barfit 1.000 gr Cookies ingredients
Water 110 gr Cookies ingredients
Butter 99% (melted) 110 gr Cookies ingredients
Chocolatier Choco Bisc 350 gr Cookies ingredients


Mix all the ingredients together (apart from the Chocolatier Choco Bisc) with the flat beater for 2 minutes at low speed.

Add the Chocolatier Choco Bisc and mix slightly at low speed until it is well blended into the mixture.

Cut the dough into 25-30 gr portions and place them onto a parchment paper.

Bake at 185oC for 12-16 minutes.

More information

Recipe with addition of Margarine:

You can replace the butter amount with 290 gr of Margarine Princess

The water amount should be 60 gr.

Cereal Cookies with Crunchy Chocolate Sauce



Mix for the preparation of cereal bars, cereal cookies and a variety of pastry applications.